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Advances in the phenology of organisms are often attributed to climate change, but alternatively, may reflect a publication bias towards advances and may be caused by environmental factors unrelated to climate change. Both factors are investigated using the breeding dates of 25 long-term studied populations of Ficedula flycatchers across Europe. Trends in(More)
The organization of the system of perivascular space around the capillaries in the neurohypophysis was studied in the adult and developing laboratory mouse by the use of histological silver impregnation and electron microscopical techniques. In the median eminence short and long extensions, arising mainly from the shallow space around capillary loops of the(More)
A detailed description is given of a surgical technique for selectively removing the pituitary anlage from the intrauterine fetal rat as an alternative to the more generally applied fetal hypophysectomy by decapitation. Fetuses on the 17th day of gestation were approached through a narrow opening in the uterine wall and fetal membranes. The pituitary gland(More)
Rat fetuses were subjected to selective hypophysectomy in utero on day 16, 17 or 18 of gestation and inspected on day 22 (the day before birth). The survival rate of fetuses operated on day 17 and 18 was about 20 and 50%, respectively. Losses were mostly caused by the surgery preceding the removal of the pituitary, and no significant survival-promoting(More)