Anders Ekholm

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Models for a multivariate binary response are parameterized by univariate marginal probabilities and dependence ratios of all orders. The w-order dependence ratio is the joint success probability of w binary responses divided by the joint success probability assuming independence. This parameterization supports likelihood-based inference for both regression(More)
Spike trains of spontaneous neuronal activity in the rabbit brain are submitted to statistical analyses based on the following pseudo-Markov model. The nerve cell is supposed to alternate between a bursting and a resting state. The numbers of consecutive spikes within each state are assumed to be independent integer-valued random variables with discrete(More)
There are two major candidates for Core Ontologies for the construction and facilities management sector, the ISO 12006-2 Framework for classification of information, and the Industry Foundation Classes, IFC. ISO 12006-2 has been developed to harmonize different national and regional classification systems. It is applied world wide in the development of(More)
Recent research documents that institutional or large investors act as antagonists to other investors by showing opposite trading behavior following disclosure of new information. Using an extremely comprehensive official transactions data set from Finland, we set out to explore the interrelation between investor size and behavior. More specifically, we(More)
A longitudinal data set, from the Finnish Otitis Media (FinOM) Studies, reporting carriage or non-carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 months of age of 329 children living in Tampere, Finland, is analysed. A logistic regression model on five time varying explanatory variables is fitted. The temporal association between(More)
We propose models for longitudinal, or otherwise clustered, ordinal data. The association between subunit responses is characterized by dependence ratios (Ekholm, Smith, and McDonald, 1995, Biometrika 82, 847-854), which are extended from the binary to the multicategory case. The joint probabilities of the subunit responses are expressed as explicit(More)