Anders Ekedahl

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BACKGROUND Despite a decreasing incidence of peptic ulcer disease, most previous studies report a stabile incidence of ulcer complications. We wanted to investigate the incidence of peptic ulcer complications in Sweden before and after the introduction of the proton pump inhibitors (PPI) in 1988 and compare these data to the sales of non-steroid(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP) or ePrescriptions in ambulatory health care has been suggested to have a positive impact on the prescribing and dispensing processes. Thereby, implying that ePrescribing can improve safety, quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In December 2007, 68% of all new prescriptions(More)
A 20 MW/5GHz Lower Hybrid Current Drive (LHCD) system was initially due to be commissioned and used for the second mission of ITER, i.e. the Q=5 steady state target. Though not part of currently planned procurement phase, it is now under consideration for an earlier delivery. In this paper, both physics and technology conceptual designs are reviewed.(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of toxic agents in attempted and completed suicides. The purpose was also to explore the sources of the drugs taken by suicide attempters. Verbal information on drug intake was collected from 280 suicide attempters during 1987-1990 in the Lund-Orup catchment area. Information on the sources of the(More)
Our objective was to investigate which drugs young people who attempt suicide use in the Lund catchment area-eight municipalities in Skåne, southern Sweden. All patients aged up to 18 years admitted to Lund University Hospital after deliberate or probably deliberate self-poisoning from 1 January 1991 until 31 December 1995 were included. Forty-nine (58%)(More)
BACKGROUND During the 1980s, manual repackaging of multi-dose medications from pharmacies in Sweden was successively substituted with automated multi-dose drug dispensing (MDD). There are few studies evaluating the consequences of automated MDD with regard to patient safety, and those that investigate this issue are not very extensive. OBJECTIVES To(More)
UNLABELLED Pharmacists have an important role in detecting, preventing, and solving prescription problems, which if left unresolved, may pose a risk of harming the patient. OBJECTIVE The objectives of this study were to evaluate the feasibility of a generic study instrument for documentation of prescription problems requiring contact with prescriber(More)
n the framework of the ion cyclotron resonance frequency (ICRF) heating development at CEA Cadarache, a prototype antenna based on the load-resilient electrical layout foreseen for ITER has been built. This prototype was recently tested in Tore Supra. The ITER-like electrical scheme has been validated during fast perturbations at the edge plasma. Clear load(More)
Fuel retention, a crucial issue for next step devices, is assessed in present tokamaks using two methods : particle balance performed during shots and post mortem analysis carried out during shutdowns between experimental campaigns. Post mortem analysis generally gives lower estimates of fuel retention than particle balance. In order to understand the(More)