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Two mobile agents having distinct identifiers and located in nodes of an unknown anonymous connected graph, have to meet at some node of the graph. We seek fast deterministic algorithms for this rendezvous problem, under two scenarios: simultaneous startup, when both agents start executing the algorithm at the same time, and arbitrary startup, when starting(More)
We consider the following clustering problems: given a general undirected graph, partition its vertices into disjoint clusters such that each cluster forms a clique and the number of edges within the clusters is maximized (Max-ECP), or the number of edges between clusters is minimized (Min-ECP). These problems arise naturally in the DNA clone(More)
We consider deterministic broadcasting in <i>geometric radio networks</i> (GRN) whose nodes know only a limited part of the network Nodes of a GRN are situated in the plane and each of them is equipped with a transmitter of some range <i>r</i>. A signal from this node can reach all nodes at distance at most <i>r</i> from it but if a node is situated within(More)
We present a randomized NC solution to the problem of constructing a maximum (cardinality) f-matching. As a corollary, we obtain a randomized NC algorithm for the problem of constructing a graph satisfying a sequence d 1 ; d 2 ;...; d n of equality degree constraints. We provide an optimal NC algorithm for the decision version of the degree sequence problem(More)