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Integration of active optical components typically serves five goals: enhanced performance, smaller size, lower power dissipation, higher reliability, and lower cost. We can differentiate between horizontal and vertical integration schemes. Horizontal integration combines many elements of the same functionality, like laser arrays. Vertical integration(More)
Pathology reports are written by pathologists, skilled physicians, that know how to interpret disorders in various tissue samples from the human body. To obtain valuable statistics on outcome of disorders, as for example cancer and effect of treatment, statistics are collected. Therefore, cancer pathology reports interpreted and coded into databases at(More)
Introduction Recent studies showed a notable frequency of somatic mosaicism of the NLRP3 gene in chronic, infantile, neu-rological, cutaneous and articular (CINCA) syndrome (35%) and Muckle-Wells syndrome (MWS)(12.5%) patients that were not detectable by common Sanger sequencing. Objectives We are currently trying to detect and quantify low frequency NLRP3(More)
In office and domestic environments there are several different tasks that are considered as boring or time-consuming, which would preferably be carried out by an autonomous mobile service robot. One of the primary tasks for a mobile service robot is to perform fetch-and-carry missions. For a robot to be able to perform a mission, the mission first must be(More)
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