Anders Bjarklev

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For decades, silicon has been the material of choice for mass fabrication of electronics. This is in contrast to photonics, where passive optical components in silicon have only recently been realized. The slow progress within silicon optoelectronics, where electronic and optical functionalities can be integrated into monolithic components based on the(More)
We suggest and demonstrate a novel platform for the study of tunable nonlinear light propagation in two-dimensional discrete systems, based on photonic crystal fibers filled with high index nonlinear liquids. Using the infiltrated cladding region of a photonic crystal fiber as a nonlin-ear waveguide array, we experimentally demonstrate highly tunable beam(More)
The field energy distributions and effective mode areas of silica-based pho-tonic bandgap fibers with a honeycomb airhole structure in the cladding and an extra airhole defining the core are investigated. We present a generalization of the common effective area definition, suitable for the problem at hand, and compare the results for the photonic bandgap(More)
The waveguiding properties of two silica-based airguiding photonic bandgap fiber designs are investigated with special emphasis on material effects. The nonlinear coefficients are found to be 1-2 orders of magnitude smaller than those obtained in index-guiding microstructured fibers with large mode areas. The material dispersion of silica makes a(More)
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