Anders Avdic

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Why did Bangladesh emerge as number one in the current e-government ranking among the least developed countries (LDCs), but only ranks in the 23<sup>rd</sup> position for knowledge management? Efficient ways of sharing and managing knowledge is imperative for the effectiveness of e-government initiatives in any country. Thus, e-government and knowledge(More)
The purpose of this chapter is to shed light on the potential of community media as a channel for eParticipation and to discuss social aspects of local participation. It introduces a project aimed at creating citizen-oriented web publicness in Finland. The local web portal Manse Square is maintained by residents in the city of Tampere. The research employs(More)
Information Technology, IT, may play an important part in any community as a supporting tool in the democratic process. The conditions for that to happen are primarily a genuine wish of the community members to take democratic action, having access to the technology and the skills to use it. The purpose of this paper is to establish the “Democratic(More)
Sustainable development is a world-wide major concern, required in every domain of life, including that of government. E-services are widely acknowledged for the contribution they make to e-government. The research question raised in this study is: What is the existing status of e-service sustainability research? The research method used is a literature(More)
This paper is focusing IT-supported real-time formative feedback in a classroom context. The development of a Student and Teacher Response System (STRS) is described. Since there are a number of obstacles for effective interaction in large classes IT can be used to support the teachers aim to find out if students understand the lecture and accordingly(More)
This paper investigates the factors influencing the adoption of mobile phone technology among farmers in Bangladesh. Electronic services are one important measure for rural development and mobile phones is the dominating cellular technology; hence understanding the adoption of this technology is important to development. The paper uses interpretive(More)