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In the present study, quadruplicate groups of juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) were fed plant protein-based diets with increasing arginine inclusions (range 28·8-37·4 g/kg DM) to investigate whether arginine supplementation affects growth and lipid accumulation through an elevated polyamine turnover. Dietary lysine was held at a constant(More)
We investigate the Northern Hemisphere Joule heating from several observational and computational sources with the purpose of calibrating a previously identified functional dependence between solar wind parameters and ionospheric total energy consumption computed from a global magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation (Grand Unified Magnetosphere Ionosphere(More)
During the last few decades, plant protein ingredients such as soya proteins have replaced fishmeal in the diets of aquacultured species. This may affect the requirement and metabolism of methionine as soya contains less methionine compared with fishmeal. To assess whether methionine limitation affects decarboxylated S-adenosylmethionine availability and(More)
Global instantaneous conductance maps can be derived from remote sensing of UV and X-ray emissions by the UVI and PIXIE cameras on board the Polar satellite. Another technique called the 1-D method of characteristics provides mesoscale instantaneous conductance profiles from the MIRACLE ground-based network in Northern Scandinavia, using electric field(More)
From the observations by the PIXIE and UVI cameras on board the Polar satellite, we derive global maps of the precipitating electron energy spectra from less than 1 keV to 100 keV. Based on the electron spectra, we generate instantaneous global maps of Hall and Pedersen con-ductances. The UVI camera provides good coverage of the lower electron energies(More)
We present ground-based electromagnetic data from the MIRACLE and BEAR networks and satellite optical observations from the UVI and PIXIE instruments on the Polar satellite of an omega band event over Northern Scandi-navia on 26 June 1998, which occured close to the morning side edge of a substorm auroral bulge. Our analysis of the data concentrates on one(More)
5 ABSTRACT The luminous tongues tend to be narrower and having We present ground-based electromagnetic data from the may occasionally develop into auroral torches which are MIRACLE and BEAR networks and satellite optical narrow, finger-like auroral forms that extend several observations from the UVI and PIXIE instruments on the degrees of latitude poleward(More)
Arginine has been demonstrated to enhance glucose and lipid oxidation in mammals through activation of polyamine turnover. We aimed to investigate how arginine affects energy utilization through polyamine metabolism and whether this effect is time dependent. Primary liver cells were isolated from Atlantic salmon (2.2 kg body weight) fed diets containing(More)
Dihydropteridine reductase has been purified to homogeneity from bovine liver and bovine adrenal medulla by precipitation with polyethylene glycol, ion exchange chromatography, gel filtration, and affinity chromatography on 5'-AMP-Sepharose 4B. The enzymes from the two tissues seem identical by the criteria of gel filtration chromatography, affinity(More)
The nitrogen-sparing effect of methionine, methionine sulphoxide, homocystine, cystine and choline was studied in rats by determining dialy N excretions during 5 d after changing from a high-protein diet to a protein-free diet, L-glutamic acid was used as a negative control. 2. L-, D- and DL-methionine were equally active in sparing N. L-methionine(More)
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