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Does adoption of broadband internet in firms enhance labor productivity and increase wages? And is this technological change skill biased or factor neutral? We exploit rich Norwegian data with firm-level information on value added, factor inputs and broadband adoption to answer these questions. We estimate production functions where firms can change their(More)
This paper models the market entry cost of exporters as dependent on the size of the export market as well as on sector specific factors. We introduce these features in a Melitz trade model with heterogeneous firms. The predictions of our model are tested using Swedish and Japanese firm level data. We find that sector level advertising or sales promotion(More)
The iron isotope composition was used to investigate dissimilatory iron reduction (DIR) processes in an iron-rich waterlogged paddy soil, the iron uptake strategies of plants and its translocation in the different parts of the rice plant along its growth. Fe concentration and isotope composition (δ(56)Fe) in irrigation water, precipitates from irrigation(More)
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