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We present a system identification method for problems with partially missing inputs and outputs. The method is based on a subspace formulation and uses the nuclear norm heuristic for structured low-rank matrix approximation, with the missing input and output values as the optimization variables. We also present a fast implementation of the alternating(More)
Characterizing what makes a packet reordering metric meaningful is a problem that has attracted significant interest, but it still lacks a universally accepted solution. We contribute to this discussion by investigating some theoretical concepts that make the following simple intuitions precise: (1) a metric that is inconsistent, i.e., gives different(More)
A novel sensor chip for use in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors has been developed to capture vesicles which may contain membrane-bound receptors. Sulforhodamine-containing vesicles were shown by fluorescence microscopy to be immobilized intact on the sensor chip. Binding of cholera toxin to captured vesicles containing ganglioside GM(1) was(More)
The authors have recently described the development of a carboxymethyl dextran-based sensor surface for biospecific interaction analysis by surface plasmon resonance. Ligands are immobilized via primary amine groups after activation of the carboxymethyl groups on the sensor surface with a mixture of N-hydroxysuccinimide and N-ethyl-N'-(dimethylaminopropyl)(More)
Ficus glabrata latex has been a well-known anthelminthic remedy in the neotropical regions since ancient times. The latex has been commercially exploited for decades because of its content of the proteolytic enzyme-complex ficin. A safe dosage regimen with direct use of the latex has been elucidated to control intestinal helminthiasis in the Indian and(More)
A recent multivariable laboratory process is presented together with its use in a graduate control course. The process is called the Quadruple-Tank Process and demonstrates a multivariable level control problem. The multivariable zero dynamics of the system can be made both minimum phase and nonminimum phase by simply changing a valve. This makes the(More)
Scalable and reliable routing is a critical issue in sensor network deployment. A number of approaches have been proposed for sensor network routing, but sensor field implementation tends to be lacking in the literature. In our study, the problems of scalability and reliability in sensor network routing are addressed through a simple but powerful scheme(More)
(Rece;"cd 00 Monlh 20Ox; final ...,rsiaH recei"ed 00 Monlh £OOX) In this paper a primal-dual interior-point algorithm for semidefinite programming that can be used for analrzing e.g_ polytopic linear difleTential indusions is tailored in order to be more computationally efficient. The key to th" speedup is to allow for inexact ..,,,rch directions in the(More)