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Shaped by uneven Pleistocene climate: mitochondrial phylogeographic pattern and population history of white wagtail Motacilla alba (Aves: Passeriformes)
We studied the phylogeography and population history of the white wagtail Motacilla alba , which has a vast breeding range, covering areas with diff erent Pleistocene climatic histories. Th eExpand
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An experimental test for indirect benefits in Drosophila melanogaster
BackgroundDespite much empirical attention, tests for indirect benefits of mate choice have rarely considered the major components of sexual and nonsexual offspring fitness relevant to a population.Expand
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Different Ranking of Avian Colors Predicted by Modeling of Retinal Function in Humans and Birds
Only during the past decade have vision‐system‐neutral methods become common practice in studies of animal color signals. Consequently, much of the current knowledge on sexual selection is basedExpand
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Correction: The phylogenetic distribution of ultraviolet sensitivity in birds
After publication of this work, it has come to our attention that inaccuracies are present in the HTML version of figure 2 in the published manuscript. The correct version of this figure is includedExpand
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Human Vision can Provide a Valid Proxy for Avian Perception of Sexual Dichromatism
ABSTRACT. The study of sexual dichromatism has played an important role in the development and testing of evolutionary theory. However, previous work has often relied on human vision to assessExpand
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Drosophila melanogaster virgins are more likely to mate with strangers than familiar flies
Recent evidence shows that females of many species can discriminate against males and/or male phenotypes they have mated with previously. However, these studies have not tested whether actual matingExpand
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The price of looking sexy: visual ecology of a three level predator‐prey system
Summary Colour signals and colour vision play a pivotal role in intraspecific communication and predator-prey interactions. However, the costs of expressing conspicuous sexual signals at multipleExpand
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Effects of Post-Glacial Range Expansions and Population Bottlenecks on Species Richness
This thesis relates modern speciation theory to the effects of sudden changes in the range and size of populations. Special reference is made to the climatic oscillations during the Quaternary iceExpand
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