Ander Errasti

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The Ophiostomatales (Ascomycota) include mainly insect and mite-associated fungi, the majority of which are found on trees. Very little is known regarding the occurrence or diversity of these fungi in South America. The aim of this study was to consider their occurrence on native Nothofagus trees in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina. Isolates were collected(More)
The following thesis describes a new methodology for scheduling processes in a distribution center (or warehouse). This work allows to optimize the put away and picking strategies simultaneously, consideringlimited resources constrains. It also includes the use of a combination of technologies related with operations research including discrete event(More)
Fungal endophytes inhabit healthy tissues of all terrestrial taxa studied to date; however, fungi associated with woody tissue have been frequently overlooked. Here, we examined endophytes associated with healthy living stems of tree species exotic to Argentina (Broussonetia papyrifera, Celtis occidentalis and Ligustrum lucidum) in a natural reserve. To(More)
Order picking is the process of retrieving products from storage in response to a specific customer order. Although this process’ design has significant impact on warehouse global performance, a practical-oriented design procedure is still lacking in literature. This paper presents a novel order picking system design methodology based on Design for Six(More)
A teaching methodology for learning "by doing" is proposed, where each participant plays a role to simulate different organizational configurations of picking in a finished product warehouse. The pooling of results complemented with the presentation of good practice enables the effectiveness of the learning process in a four hours workshop. This methodology(More)
As competition becomes global and the environment in which companies operate is becoming more complex, the design and managing of international manufacturing networks has become crucial. Therefore, it is important to do an analysis of the necessary decisions any company must make, such as facilities location, supply strategy, facility strategy role, etc.,(More)
In the current global economy, with an increased international presence of all type of organisations, the design and management of global operations networks (GON) plays a vital role in organisational competitiveness. Whilst all type of organisations are facing significant challenges for managing increasingly complex global operation, current literature on(More)
Agonist therapy (OAT) programs in combination with a psychosocial approach are the most effective way to prevent relapse in opioid-dependent patients. These programs reduce morbidity and risk behaviours for HIV transmission and other infections, improve quality of life and retention in treatment, and have a positive impact on antisocial behaviour. They are(More)