Andamuthu Sivakumar

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The present paper deals with the results of a preliminary survey of the wild edible plants used by different ethnic groups in the Anaimalai hills of the Western Ghats in Coimbatore district. Tribals of various ethnic groups dominate the wooded habitat of this hilly region. About 53 plants species belonging to 32 families are used as edible by the tribes. Of(More)
The present paper deals with the study of biomass production of manures in the greens such as Amaranthus polygamus and Amaranthus viridis of the family Amaranthaceae and Spinacea oleracea of the family Chenopodiaceae. The medicinal uses and pharmaco - phytochemical analysis were also carried out for the plant species which are widely used as greens.
A patient attending for treatment of a restorative nature may present for a variety of reasons. The success is built upon careful history taking coupled with a logical progression to diagnosis of the problem that has been presented. Each stage follows on from the preceding one. A fitting treatment plan should be formulated and should involve a holistic(More)
Pleomorphic adenoma generally occurs in the 4(th)and 5(th)decade of life. The adenoma is an uncommon presentation and is exceedingly rare in children and young adolescents. This case report deals with the diagnosis and surgical management of pleomorphic adenoma in the soft palate region in a young adolescent patient.
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