And Cheng Zhao

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In this paper, we investigate the total colorings of the join graphs G = G 1 +G 2 , where G 1 and G 2 are graphs with maximum degree at most two. We prove that (1) when both G 1 and G 2 are bipartite graphs with maximum degree at most two, then G is Type 1 if and only if G is not isomorphic to K n,n (n = 1, 2,. . .) or to K 4 , and (2) C m + C n is Type 2(More)
The dehydration responsive element binding (DREB) transcription factor (TF) family comprises unique and important proteins involved in abiotic stress responses and tolerance in plants. Although DREB TFs have been well identified and characterized in a few model plants, there is no detailed information available for mulberry. In this study, 110 AP2/ERF(More)
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