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BACKGROUND In the absence of human breast milk, infant and follow-on formulas can still promote efficient growth and development. However, infant formulas can differ in their nutritional value. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to compare the effects of human milk (HM) and infant formulas in human infants and a weanling rat model. METHODS In a 3(More)
UNLABELLED Seasonal weight loss is the main limitation to animal production worldwide, significantly affecting the productivity of milk, meat and wool farms, particularly in drought-prone areas of the world where most of the large-scale wool production farms are located. Although the effect of nutritional status on wool quality parameters has been(More)
Identification of the intermediate filament proteins (IFPs) in the wool proteome has formerly been hampered by limited sequence information, the high degree of IFP homology and their close proximity on 2-DE maps. This has been partially rectified by the recent acquisition of four new Type I and two Type II wool IFP sequences. Among closely migrating(More)
Lactoferrin and β-lactoglobulin are important protein components of mammalian milk. Maillard reactions, as well as redox chemistry, are of particular interest for dairy products because they are known to occur during common processing steps, notably heating procedures such as pasteurization. Using a redox proteomics approach, we characterized AA residue(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this retrospective study was to investigate the possible short-term benefit of a single intra-articular corticosteroid injection in those patients treated with physiotherapy when compared to a group of patients undergoing physiotherapy only (PT only). METHODS A retrospective chart review was conducted to identify eligible(More)
With ongoing efforts to make wool more competitive alongside other fibres, notably synthetics, there is a need to obtain a better understanding of the relationship between protein composition and characteristic wool properties to assist sheep breeding programmes. Before this can be achieved, the wool proteome needs to be mapped, by gel and non-gel(More)
Speech and text is the main medium for human communication. A person needs vision to access the information in a text. However those who have poor vision can gather information from voice. This paper proposes a camera based assistive text reading to help visually impaired person in reading the text present on the captured image. The faces can also be(More)
Protein oxidative degradation is implicated in a wide range of deleterious effects. For human hair, this oxidative damage can lead to significant observable changes in fiber physical and visual properties. A redox proteomic approach was applied to map molecular modification in human hair proteins and correlate this modification with the abundance of copper(More)