Anchisa Chantakamo

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This paper presents an approach method to detect vehicle color and to classify multi vehicle from video data. The multi vehicle is classified by blob analysis and feature-based. The proposed method uses a video file recorded by traffic surveillance camera as input. This technique applied RGB (Red, Green and Blue) to detect color of vehicle image. The(More)
This paper presents an efficient method to approximate a rational Bézier curve by the corresponding Non- Rational Bézier curve using Progressive Iterative Approximation (PIA) with the algorithm efficiency analysis. The proposed method samples the input curve into data points and uses a PIA algorithm to calculate new control points for the(More)
This paper presents a method to convert rational Bézier curves into non-rational Bézier curve. Using the proposed method, a series of points are first sampled from the input rational Bézier curve. Then a Progressive Iterative Approximation algorithm is used to calculate for a non-rational Bézier curve that fits the sampling(More)
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