Ancheng Chang

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Systemic retinoids are effective in a variety of inflammatory dermatoses. Disorders in which polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) are involved, such as psoriasis and acne, respond particularly well to various retinoids. However, side-effects restrict the use of systemic retinoids to severe manifestations. Topical application might provide the possibility of(More)
A subset of naturally formed sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 1 (S1P1)-bearing CD8(+)CD44(+)CCR7(+) memory T cells has been identified in transplant recipient BALB/c (H-2(d)) mice. The frequency of this subset of memory T cells is significantly increased in the spleen, lymph nodes and skin grafts in the recipient BALB/c mice during acute skin allograft(More)
The definition of Banff Borderline became ambiguous when the Banff 2005 consensus modified the lower threshold from i1t1 (10-25% interstitial inflammation with mild tubulitis) to i0t1 (0-10% interstitial inflammation with mild tubulitis). We conducted a worldwide survey among members of the Renal Pathology Society about their approach to this diagnostic(More)
1 Department of Dermatology, Medical Academy "Carl Gustav Carus", Fetscherstr. 74, O-8019 Dresden 2 Department of Dermatology, University of Nijmegen, Javastraat 104, NL-6500 HB Nijmegen * Essential data of this study have been published previously [Wozel G, Chang A, Barth J, Happle R, van de Kerkhof PCM. The effect of leukotriene B 5 on the accumulation of(More)
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