Ancharlie Na-Chiengmai

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of Ovum Pick Up (OPU) in cycling (n = 5) and lactating, postpartum, swamp buffaloes (n = 6) with and without gonadotropin stimulation. The OPU was performed every two weeks in all groups of animals, for a total of six sessions. Thirty collections were performed in five cycling buffaloes and 36(More)
The objective in this study was to investigate the effect of repeated oocyte collection by transvaginal, ultrasound-guidance, oocyte pick-up (OPU) in nine, prepubertal (8-12 months), swamp buffaloes. Animals were treated with FSH for 3 days and received GnRH on the third day, 24 h before OPU. This session was repeated on five occasions at 2 weekly(More)
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