Anchal Sankhyan

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Metformin an oral hypoglycemic has been widely used as a fist line of treatment of Type II Diabetes but in a very high dose 2–3 times a day and moreover suffers from a number of side effects like lactic acidosis, gastric discomfort, chest pain, allergic reactions being some of them. The present work was conducted with the aim of sustaining the release of(More)
ABO blood groups, subgroups, M, N and Rh blood types were studied among Bhoksas of Dehra Dun district in Uttar Pradesh. Bhoksas are characterized by high A (33.33%), MN (58.16%), Rz (8.85%), R" (7.86%) and moderately low R1 (43.77%). The present sample does not show differences from the Bhoksas of Nainital but remains differentiated from Majumdar's sample(More)
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