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An anthropometric cadaver study was performed to determine the optimal placement of a Herbert-Whipple screw in the scaphoid. Twenty pairs of cadaver wrists were examined and anthropometric analysis of the scaphoids using plain radiography, computed tomography, and en bloc resection was performed. Scaphoid vascularity was evaluated using India ink injection.(More)
PURPOSE One conservative treatment for trapeziometacarpal joint arthritis is the delivery of steroids transdermally. In prior transdermal studies on the elbow and foot, there are mixed reports of success. It appears that the benefits of the treatment might be limited to short-term relief (approximately one week). It was hypothesized that transdermal steroid(More)
Use of perennial grasses as vegetative barriers to reduce soil erosion from farm and non-farm lands is increasing world-over. A number of perennial grasses have been identified for their soil conserving properties, but their effectiveness varies with location and method of planting. Installing vegetative barriers in combination with suitable mechanical(More)
A 2-year field experiment was conducted during the wet seasons (July–October) of 2008 and 2009 on a Typic Hapludoll Mollisol in Indo-Gangetic Plains Region (IGPR) to: (i) investigate the effects of field water re-ponding intervals and plant spacing on the growth, yield, and water productivity (WP) of two rice cultivars under system of rice intensification(More)
The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) restricts posterior translation of the tibia on the femur. Because flexion of the knee increases tension on the PCL, the knee is usually immobilized in extension after PCL repair or reconstruction. Patella-tibial transfixation (olecranization), however, has been proposed to reduce the tension on the PCL without(More)
BACKGROUND The ideal treatment strategy for the dorsally comminuted distal radius fracture continues to evolve. Newer plate designs allow for variable axis screw placement while maintaining the advantages of locked technology. The purpose of this study is to compare the biomechanical properties of one variable axis plate with two traditional locked(More)
Soil and water conservation along with crop productivity improvement is indispensable for sustainable development of rainfed areas. Integration of suitable fruit trees within the cropping system can reduce risk allied with rainfed farming. The system of raising multi-height plant species with agricultural crops known as multitier agroforestry system was(More)
A field study on assessment of crop establishment methods on yield, economics and water productivity of rice cultivars under upland and lowland production ecologies was conducted during wet seasons (June–November) of 2012 and 2013 in Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plains of India. The experiment was laid-out in a split-plot design (SPD) and replicated four times.(More)
Establishment of adequate rice-stand depends upon seeding density and tillering ability which is critical to harness high grain yield in direct seeded rice (DSR). Maintenance of uniform seedling emergence and establishment is often difficult in DSR. Early growth encompasses an advantage over weed-competition. Vigorous root and shoot growth provide better(More)
The increasing heavy metal pollution in the agro-ecosystem has become a serious concern worldwide. These metals do not decay in the nature and become toxic to the plants, animals and human beings when exceed specific thresholds. Anthropogenic input of heavy metals in agricultural land includes industrial and agricultural disposal, waste incineration and(More)