Anchal Chopra

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(Co)variance components and genetic parameters of weight at birth (BWT), weaning (3WT), 6, 9 and 12 months of age (6WT, 9WT and 12WT, respectively) and first greasy fleece weight (GFW) of Bharat Merino sheep, maintained at Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar, Rajasthan, India, were estimated by restricted maximum likelihood, fitting six(More)
Functional cranial near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been widely used to investigate the haemodynamic changes which occur in response to functional activation. The technique exploits the different absorption spectra of oxy- and deoxy-haemoglobin ([HbO2] [HHb]) in the near-infrared region to measure the changes in oxygenation and haemodynamics in the(More)
Twenty patients with hydronephrosis in whom examination with ultrasound was helpful in defining the extent of dilation of the collecting system are presented. Thirteen patients had hydronephrosis due to obstruction at the ureteropelvic junction, six had obstruction of the ureterovesical junction from various causes, and one had massive bilateral(More)
So-called bimodal odorants are able to stimulate the intranasal trigeminal system at relatively low concentrations. Using them as stimuli, the current study focused on the interaction between the olfactory and trigeminal systems at a cerebral level. In the experiment, menthol was used at two concentrations, low and high, and these were delivered to two(More)
This paper describes results to-date from a human pharmacokinetic study which began recruitment in December 2007. Results are presented for a single patient recruited in December 2007. A second patient was recruited in July 2008 but detailed data are not available at the time of writing. The trial is an open-label, non-comparative, non-therapeutic study of(More)
BACKGROUND Eperisone hydrochloride is a centrally acting muscle relaxant inhibiting the pain reflex pathway, having a vasodilator effect. AIMS To evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of eperisone in patients with acute musculoskeletal spasm associated with low back pain. SETTINGS AND DESIGN Prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled,(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aimed to examine the efficacy and toxicity of pemetrexed in Singapore. METHODS We conducted a retrospective review of patients treated with pemetrexed between July 2005 and November 2007. RECIST was used to assess the efficacy independent of the treating physician's assessment, and NCI CTC-AE version 3.0 was used to describe(More)
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