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In this paper we focus on the segmentation problem of specific chained configurations in images taken from colon tissues. The proposed technique uses a priori information about the general structure and the relationship between epithelial cells nuclei and encapsulates the human behaviour on the critical regions between nuclei. After the background detection(More)
Optical and structural properties are presented for GaN nanorods (NRs) grown in the [0001] direction on Si(111) substrates by direct-current reactive magnetron sputter epitaxy. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals clusters of dense stacking faults (SFs) regularly distributed along the c-axis. A strong emission line at ∼3.42 eV associated with the(More)
A search for shape isomers in the ^{66}Ni nucleus was performed, following old suggestions of various mean-field models and recent ones, based on state-of-the-art Monte Carlo shell model (MCSM), all considering ^{66}Ni as the lightest nuclear system with shape isomerism. By employing the two-neutron transfer reaction induced by an ^{18}O beam on a ^{64}Ni(More)
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