Anca Radulescu

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Measures of complexity are sensitive in detecting disease, which has made them attractive candidates for diagnostic biomarkers; one complexity measure that has shown promise in fMRI is power spectrum scale invariance (PSSI). Even if scale-free features of neuroimaging turn out to be diagnostically useful, however, their underlying neurobiological basis is(More)
We consider an oriented network in which two subgraphs (modules X and Y), with a given intra-modular edge density, are interconnected by a fixed number of edges, in both directions (nodes in X to nodes in Y , and conversely). We study the adjacency spectrum of this network, focusing in particular on two aspects: (1) the changes in the spectrum in response(More)
Recent studies have been using graph-theoretical approaches to model complex networks (such as social, infrastructural, or biological networks) and how their hardwired circuitry relates to their dynamic evolution in time. Understanding how configuration reflects on the coupled behavior in a system of dynamic nodes can be of great importance, for example, in(More)
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