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Medical images transmitted through the communication networks needs more robust and reliable algorithms. In this paper, we propose a new medical image watermarking scheme of CT Scan images based on the wavelet transform. The main contribution in this paper lies in the extraction process that improves watermarking scheme robustness and efficiency against(More)
This article constitutes a contribution to an analysis of the notion of variable. Whithin the framework of Combinatory Logic as a formalism without bound variables, the Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO) provides an explanation for the necessary distinction between “whatever, any” and “indeterminate, indefinite” used by the introduction and elimination(More)
We present a new approach for modeling color attacks of RGB-color watermarked images. We have used a based interpolation watermarking algorithm and supposed that the attacks are simulated by a scaling of the colors followed by a translation. We give bounds for the extracted watermark depending on the original image, the watermark and the attack. Different(More)
We propose a rigorous definition of the notion of typicality, making use of the strict partial order naturally induced among the objects at hand by a given concept. This perspective enables us to transpose in the framework of object determination logic some well-known problems like contextual typicality or contextual inference. Then these problems can be(More)
With the current emergence of biometric image data applications on devices such as smart phones, security cameras, personal computers etc, there is a need for securing the image templates obtained from crime scenes as well as such devices before storing them in locations such as the cloud etc. In this paper, we proposed an encryption technique of securing(More)
From a logical viewpoint, object is never defined, even by a negative definition. This paper is a theoretical contribution about object using a new constructivist logical approach called Logic of Determination of Objects (LDO) founded on a basic operation, called determination. This new logic takes into account cognitive problems such as the inheritance of(More)