Anca-Michaela Israil

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The present study reveals some discordancies of diagnosis considering Vibrionaceae strains when tested by comparison with API 20E (BioMerieux) system and classical biochemical reactions, aspects already mentioned in the literature by other authors. If any misidentification has not an important impact (e.g. identification of Aeromonas schubertii as A.(More)
Bacterial adherence to eukariotic cells represents an important step of tissue colonization and is mediated by specific molecules called adhesins. Bacterial adherence to cellular substrate is a very complex process consisting in specific interactions between the surface of host cell and bacterial cell surface respectively. Adherence to cellular substrate(More)
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  • 1990
The present paper reports data referring to the mechanism of the CNS degenerating process of prion origin, the role of the biological timing in prion diseases, the interrelations between the prion diseases and Alzheimer's disease, new data on the normal cell protein PrPc and prion protein in the PrPsc scrapie, the physico-chemical properties of the prion(More)
Cholera still remains in the top of causes generating global mortality and morbidity, as revealed by the latest WHO reports. In 2000, on CDC/Atlanta website, the cholera agent was mentioned as potential biological weapon for bioterrorism actions in 9460 publications. Considering these aspects, a correct and rapid diagnosis is necessary in order to take(More)
Bacterial quorum-sensing represents an ubiquitary regulating system in which the pheromones (small molecules with different chemical structures, i.e. homoserin-lactones, octapeptides, aminoacids) act as extracellular mediators of signaling and intercellular communication. This chemical system is implicated in the regulation of different physiological(More)
Bacterial adherence to the cellular substrate (skin and mucosa) represents a precondition of infectious pathology. It was demonstrated that bacteria which adhere and form biofilms on catheters and other inert materials used in medicine are resistant to the therapeutic antibiotic concentrations being protected by the biofilm mathrix and generating severe and(More)
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