Anca Michaela Israil

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The discovery of intra- and intercellular communication systems (quorum sensing systems) regulating bacterial virulence has afforded a novel opportunity to control infectious bacteria, without interfering with their growth. In this study, we investigated the ability of subinhibitory concentrations (sIC) of phenyl lactic acid (PLA), known to be produced by(More)
Considering the possible correlation between hemolytic and enterotoxigenic properties of Aeromonas strains mentioned in the literature, in the present work we studied the practical value of the hemolysis tests in the diagnosis of Aeromonas strains by using comparatively the hemolysis tube tests (with goat and sheep erythrocytes suspensions) as well as the(More)
Out of three different methods used for bacteriocin sensitivity typing of Klebsiella strains, the "scarpe and streak" method was the most appropriate tool for its routine use in epidemiologic studies. The method is quite simple, reliable and does not imply any special requirements. Out of 533 Klebsiella strains tested by our set of seven bacteriocins 453(More)
Optimal crude preparations of Klebsiella bacteriocins were obtained bu U.V. irradiation of bacteriocin producer strains. Of 308 clinical isolates of Klebsiella 88.9% could be typed on the basis of their sensitivity to different Klebsiella bacteriocins. The method affords further development of bacteriocin typing as a suitable procedure for hospital(More)
Secondary infection of pancreatic necrotic tissue and peripancreatic fluid is a serious complication of acute pancreatitis resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to find out the spectrum of bacterial infections, their antibiotic susceptibility patterns and virulence features in patients with severe acute pancreatitis(More)
A novel lantibiotic identified during the screening of 187 coagulase-negative staphylococci, has been structurally characterised. (Val1, Leu6)-epidermin was purified from culture supernatants of two Staphylococcus epidermidis strains, BN-V1 and BN-V301 following successive separation by adsorption, cation exchange and C18 reversed-phase chromatography.(More)
Six hundred and twenty-four Vibrio cholerae O1 strains, 623 serotype Ogawa and one serotype Inaba, isolated in Romania between 1977-95 were tested to detect all changing traits concerning serogroup, serotype, biotype, phage type and resistotype patterns and subsequently, the possible epidemiological relationship among these strains. Biotyping revealed one(More)
This intervention study conducted in the Neurology outpatient Department of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital (MMCH) from January 2006 to December 2007 to compare efficacy of amitriptyline, pizotifen and propranolol in the prophylaxis of migraine. Ninety cases were selected following certain inclusion and exclusion criteria. Result showed that the(More)
Over the last three decades, the literature pointed out the implications of Aeromonas species in human pathology. These species were described as being involved in intestinal (several outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis of choleric/dysenteric form or chronic diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis, etc.) in normal adults or children, as well as in extraintestinal(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of the present study was to establish the microbial etiology of abdominal surgical emergencies as well as the relationship between the bacterial etiology and the virulence factors produced by the respective isolated strains. 110 bacterial strains were isolated from 100 randomized clinical cases, operated during 2009-2010 in the First(More)