Anca Ioana Bădărău

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Intracerebellar primary hematoma are produced by spontaneous hemorrhages in the cerebellar parenchima and usually present an sudden onset. In the present study we analyzed a serie of 34 cases of primary intracerebellar hematoma, in patients of both genders, between 35 and 80 years old. Taking in account the incidence of symptoms, the clinical picture was(More)
Gastrointestinal cancers represent a major cause of morbidity and mortality, with incomplete response to chemotherapy in the advanced stages and poor prognosis. Angiogenesis plays a crucial part in tumor growth and metastasis, with most gastrointestinal cancers depending strictly on the development of a new and devoted capillary network. Confocal laser(More)
In the present context of the public health directions, considering WHO main objective, that "all people of the world could reach the highest possible health level", in medicine, the accent is put on prevention. In spite of the important progresses achieved in orthodontics field, the treatment still remains a symptomatic one. In this context, we must ask(More)
Fahr's disease (FD) is a rare clinical neurodegenerative entity, occurring in fourth or fifth decade or elderly patients, consisting in symmetric polytopic calcifications, in one ore more of the following areas: basal ganglia, cerebral white matter, thalami, internal capsulae, cerebellum, which can lead to pyramidal, extrapyramidal, cerebellar symptoms,(More)
The inflammation of the optic nerve called optic neuropathy could be an onset marker of multiple sclerosis. The authors review the place of optic neuropathy (neuritis) in the inflammatory demyelinating disease continuum, especially as the onset symptom of multiple sclerosis. We present the clinical symptoms, the aetiology of optic neuritis and the adjacent(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM The surgical management of the hepatic post hydatid remnant cavity includes conservative and radical methods. External drainage of the remnant cavity (with or without cavity-minimizing) is a simple conservative method that can be safely performed, and can be associated with endoscopic papillo-sphincterectomy (EPS) in case of cysto-biliary(More)
Natural cannabinoids have been used for centuries for their psychotropic properties, but their possible therapeutic implications in analgesia have been recently documented. The present review intended to make an analysis of the neuroanatomy and physiology of the cannabinoid system (receptors, functions, agents acting on these receptors) and of its(More)
The studies of chronobiology on biological phenomena revealed the existence of a human internal mechanism ("biological clock") which controls biological events according to each function of the body. Most of the programmed and genetically fixed rhythms can be changed and synchronized by external factors. Starting from these data and from our previous(More)
Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy (MHE) is a potentially reversible spectrum of neuro-psychiatric alterations in patients with acute or chronic liver disease, in the presence of a normal neurological examination. Studies demonstrated that early diagnosis and treatment of this complication increases the quality of life of the patients and leads to an overall(More)