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  • Anca Deak
  • 2012
This paper is introducing the research topic of proposal "Understanding socio-technical factors influencing testers in software development organizations", which using qualitatively and quantitatively analysis, is looking at elements affecting the testing activities in software development companies. The scope of the research is to improve our understanding(More)
Software testing plays a major role in determining the quality of software products. Testing activities are influenced by the available methods and tools, but also by the non-technical aspects of the software development process. The scope of the study is to explore how testing activities are organized in Norwegian companies, and factors that influence the(More)
The Department of Computer Science (IDI) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), conducted a survey among its master alumni in 2007 and 2011, with the scope to retrieve the educational topics relevant to their field of expertise based on the work experience accumulated after graduation. The results enabled the identification of topics(More)
  • Anca Deak
  • 2013
This paper is presenting the research topic proposal "Understanding the influence of social and technical factors in software organizations". This research combines qualitative and quantitative methods while exploring the elements impacting the testing activities. The study's scope is to improve our understanding of the challenges faced on daily basis by(More)
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