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The numerical calculation of the Rayleigh-Sommerfeld diffraction integral is investigated. The implementation of a fast-Fourier-transform (FFT) based direct integration (FFT-DI) method is presented, and Simpson's rule is used to improve the calculation accuracy. The sampling interval, the size of the computation window, and their influence on numerical(More)
We present two novel schemes for refractometry based on a long-period fiber grating- (LPG-) based Michelson interferometer. These schemes are designed to overcome the measurement dependence of previously demonstrated LPG-based refractometry on the immersion depth. The first utilizes an unshielded LPG and the second, a shielded one. Both schemes were tested(More)
An all-fused-silica pressure sensor fabricated directly onto a fiber tip of 125 microm diameter is described. Simple fabrication steps include only cleaving and fusion splicing. Because no chemical processes are involved, the fabrication is easy, safe, and cost effective. Issues in sensor design and loss analysis are discussed. The sensor has been tested(More)
A diaphragm-based interferometric fiberoptic sensor that uses a low-coherence light source was designed and tested for on-line detection of the acoustic waves generated by partial discharges inside high-voltage power transformers. The sensor uses a fused-silica diaphragm and a single-mode optical fiber encapsulated in a fused-silica glass tube to form an(More)
A novel signal-processing algorithm based on frequency estimation of the spectrogram of single-mode optical fiber Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors under white-light illumination is described. The frequency-estimation approach is based on linear regression of the instantaneous phase of an analytical signal, which can be obtained by preprocessing the(More)
Optical sensors have been investigated and widely deployed in industrial and scientific measurement and control processes, mainly due to their accuracy, high sensitivity and immunity to electromagnetic interference and other unique characteristics. They are especially suited for harsh environments applications, where no commercial electrical sensors are(More)
The application of photonic biosensor assays to diagnose the category-A select agent Francisella tularensis was investigated. Both interferometric and long period fiber grating sensing structures were successfully demonstrated; both these sensors are capable of detecting the optical changes induced by either immunological binding or DNA hybridization.(More)
We demonstrate a compact extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer-based fiber-optic sensor that uses magnetostrictive amorphous metallic wire Unitika AF-10 (Fe77.5B15Si7.5) as a sensor gauge for measuring dc magnetic fields. We present a theoretical model based on a Gaussian electric field distribution to analyze the sensor operation as a function of(More)
We theoretically investigate the feasibility of using a surface layer with a negative thermo-optic coefficient to compensate the thermal drift of a resonant frequency in an optical microresonator. Taking a fused-silica microsphere as an example, our analysis has shown that the thermal drift of a whisper-gallery mode can be fully compensated by such a(More)