Anbhu Swaminathan

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It is known that the ratio of Gaussian hypergeometric functions can be represented by means of g -fractions. In this work, the ratio of q -hypergeometric functions are represented by means of g -fractions that lead to certain results on q -starlikeness of the q -hypergeometric functions defined on the open unit disk. Corresponding results for the q -convex(More)
In this work, conditions on the coefficients {ak} are considered so that the corresponding sine sum n ∑ k=1 ak sin kθ and cosine sum a0 + n ∑ k=1 ak cos kθ are positive in the unit disc D. The monotonicity property of cosine sums is also discussed. Further a generalization of renowned Theorem of Vietoris’ for the positivity of cosine and sine sums is(More)
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