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Accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) has become a popular green extraction technology for different classes of organic contaminants present in numerous kinds of food and feed for food safety. The parameters affecting ASE efficiency and application advancement of ASE in the analysis of organic contaminants, natural toxins compounds as well as bioactive and(More)
A simple photonic approach to generate ultrawideband (UWB) pulse signals utilizing a gain-switched semiconductor laser with optical feedback is proposed and demonstrated. The RF spectrum of the generated chaotic UWB signals has a -10 dB bandwidth of 9 GHz and central frequency of 6.6 GHz (fractional bandwidth of 155%), which is consistent with the Federal(More)
We propose a novel correlation optical time domain reflectometry (C-OTDR) of using broadband chaotic light. This reflectometry has the advantage over the conventional OTDR and the pseudorandom signal C-OTDR in range-independent spatial resolution. We employ a laser diode with feedback from a long fiber ring cavity as the source of chaotic probe light.(More)
A multi-core-shell with a conductive network structured C-PANI-S@PANI composite with high sulfur content up to 87% was synthesized. The composite cathode delivers higher specific capacity and excellent cycle stability, retaining a reversible discharge capacity of 835 mA h g(-1) after 100 cycles when the sulfur loading of the cathode was above 6 mg cm(-2).
We experimentally realize a robust real-time random number generator by differentially comparing the signal from a chaotic semiconductor laser and its delayed signal through a 1-bit analog-to-digital converter. The probability density distribution of the output chaotic signal based on the differential comparison method possesses an extremely small(More)
We report a prototype of high-speed real-time physical random bit generator based on a chaotic laser. The chaotic laser consists of a semiconductor laser with optical feedback in fiber external cavity configuration. The chaotic laser intensity signal is quantized into binary stream by differential comparison which makes the amplitude distribution symmetric(More)
A sulfur cathode with high capacity per area (>7 mA h cm(-2)) and high sulfur loading (6.7 mg cm(-2)) was fabricated by synthesizing a carbon fiber cloth-sulfur composite via a simple method. It is worth noting that an ingenious method is adopted which can improve the performance of Li-S batteries by forming in situ polysulfide ions.
Yongning Ji∗,†, Mingjiang Zhang∗,†,‡,¶, Yuncai Wang∗,†, Peng Wang∗,†, Anbang Wang∗,‡, Yuan Wu†,‡, Hang Xu∗,§ and Yongning Zhang†,§ ∗Key Laboratory of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System, Ministry of Education, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, P. R. China †Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering, College of Physics and(More)
We demonstrate experimentally and numerically a method using the incoherent delayed self-interference (DSI) of chaotic light from a semiconductor laser with optical feedback to generate wideband chaotic signal. The results show that, the DSI can eliminate the domination of laser relaxation oscillation existing in the chaotic laser light and therefore(More)
An external-cavity laser (ECL) operating in a chaotic state is usually used in a chaotic optical secure communication system and its feedback length (FL) is often regarded as an additional key. Our analyses show that an eavesdropper's (Eve) laser can synchronize with a transmitter (Alice) without any knowledge of the FL by simply increasing the injection(More)