Anbang Wang

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A microwave-photonic sensor for remote water-level monitoring based on chaotic laser is proposed and demonstrated. The probe chaotic signal with bandwidth of 18 GHz is generated in the central office and then transmitted at the remote antenna unit after a 24 km single-mode fiber transmission. And the monitoring data from the remote antenna unit is sent back(More)
Renal tumour-initiating cells (T-ICs) contribute to tumorigenesis, progression and drug resistance of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). However, the underlying mechanism for the propagation of renal T-ICs remains unclear. Here we show that long non-coding RNA lncARSR is upregulated in primary renal T-ICs and associated with a poor prognosis of clear cell RCCs(More)
The abscisic acid (ABA)-, stress-, and ripening-induced (ASR) protein is a plant-specific hydrophilic transcriptional factor involved in fruit ripening and the abiotic stress response. To date, there have been no studies on the role of ASR genes in delayed flowering time. Here, we found that the ASR from banana, designated as MaASR, was preferentially(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a cost-effective method to locate faults in wavelength-division-multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) utilizing a multiple-longitudinal-mode Fabry–Perot semiconductor laser directly modulated by chaotic wave from a Colpitts oscillator. Due to chaos modulation, every longitudinal mode of the laser has chaotic intensity(More)
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