Anatolyi Shpakov

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The influence of the benzo[c]phenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine on some lysosomal enzyme activities was investigated. Sanguinarine inhibits lysosomal hydrolases in homogenates of cultured mouse fibroblasts. After incubation of mouse fibroblasts in culture with 100 microM sanguinarine an approximately 50% decrease in the activities of(More)
Acidic and alkaline RNase activity from healthy humans and gastric cancer patients has been studied. A decrease in daily saliva production and an increase in RNase activity was detected saliva of cancer patients. This suggests the existence of RNase inhibitors in healthy humans. This supposition is further confirmed by comparative analysis of total, joint(More)
Functional properties of rat brain mitochondria were different in Krebs-Ringer solution as compared to these in the media with mannit. Mitochondria in the presence of cytochrme c increased endogenous respiration essentially after the introduction of mannit into the polarographic cell. It is concluded that mannit metabolised by mitochondria as other non-cell(More)
By changing the quantities of rat brain homogenate or mitochondria, adding succinic acid and ADP a situation was created in polarographic cell leading to the initiation of Lardy and Chance control upon respiration. It is concluded that this control is characteristic of in vitro conditions, but not only of functional properties of mitochondrial preparations.(More)
Cell suspension of the rat brain was separated into fractions of neuronal and glial cells (FNC, FGC) during 7-10 minutes. The suspension was filtered in the column through a series of filters with 400-600, 200 (FNC), 132 and 100 (FGC) mu pores. The purity of the fractions obtained was analyzed by light microscopy. According to a single cell counting the(More)
Mitochondria of white rat brain increased the respiration on succinate in response to ADP addition; in the presence of after NADH the respiration remained unchanged or decreased ofter addition ADP. When organelles were suspended in water distilled in the concentration of 3 mg of protein/ml and kept at melting ice temperature for 24 hours the response of(More)
Activities of succinate dehydrogenase, succinate- and NAD-H-cytochrome c--reductases, and cytochrome c--oxidase was compared in 1 g tissue homogenate and homogenate fractions made from 1 g brain tissue using various solutions. Fractionation resulted in the increased activities of NADH- and succinate cytochrome reductases, and in the loss of succinate(More)
Objective: To explore the prevalence of malignant tumors in the adult population through 2003-2014 in parts of the Aral Sea region: a zone of ecological disaster, a zone of ecological crisis and a zone of precritical conditions. Methods: The long-time average annual levels of cancer morbidity stratified by zones of the Aral Sea region and trends of(More)