Anatoly Vasilevskiy

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Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain thrusts home automation into the spotlight. Home automation is a heterogeneous realm with various and often not compatible technologies. As any not standardized area, this realm is always disrupted by new, emerging technologies and standards. Home is a dynamic environment which constantly grows and evolves. To(More)
The Base Variability Resolution (BVR) is a modern language to build software product lines (SPL). The language incorporates advanced concepts for feature modeling, reuse and realization of components in SPL. The BVR bundle implements and supports the language. The tool covers design, implementation and quality assurance to close the development cycle. The(More)
Product derivation is a building process of products from selected features in software product lines (SPLs). Realisation paves the way for automatic product derivation. A realisation defines a mapping between abstract features in a feature tree and their implementation artefacts in a model, and therefore governs the derivation of a new product. We(More)
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