Anatoly V. Petrov

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Systematics of the Acoela is particularly difficult because of the paucity of readily discernible morphological features. In other soft-bodied worms, sclerotized structures, such as copulatory stylets, provide important characters that can be seen in whole mounts, but acoels generally lack such features. Among the few sclerotized structures in acoels are(More)
Direct measurements of micro-, meso-, and macroscale transport phenomena in the FT-2 tokamak are shown to be quantitatively reproduced by global full f nonlinear gyrokinetic simulation predictions. A detailed agreement with mean equilibrium E×B flows, oscillating fine-scale zonal flows, and turbulence spectra observed by a set of sophisticated microwave(More)
Nanoporous silicon oxide templates formed by swift heavy ion tracks technology have been investigated. The influence of the heavy ion characteristics, such as type of ion, energy, stopping power and irradiation fluence on the pore properties of the silicon oxide templates, has been studied. Furthermore, the process of pore formation by chemical etching with(More)
All opinions expressed here are those of the authors and not those of the Economics Education and Research Consortium Research dissemination by the EERC may include views on policy, but the EERC itself takes no institutional policy positions Though Russia is very rich in natural resources, the share of natural resource rental payments in budget revenues is(More)
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