Anatoly V. Anisimov

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Formalizing mathematical argument is a fascinating activity in itself and (we hope!) also bears important practical applications. While traditional proof theory investigates deducibility of an individual statement from a collection of premises, a mathematical proof, with its structure and continuity, can hardly be presented as a single sequent or a set of(More)
Variable-length splittable codes are derived from encoding sequences of ordered integer pairs, where one of the pair's components is upper bounded by some constant, and the other one is any positive integer. Each pair is encoded by the concatenation of two fixed independent prefix encoding functions applied to the corresponding components of a pair. The(More)
The gradient NMR method was applied to study intercellular water flows in root segments of maize (Zea mays L.) under disturbance of root hydrodynamic system by the increase in external pressure up to 4 MPa. The rate of intercellular water flows along the root symplast was found to depend on the magnitude and dynamics of pressure changes. Based on the(More)