Anatoly Tarasov

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For the period of 1977-1987, operations on the abdominal organs were performed in 13,306 patients. Of them, 115 (0.86%) developed 1 to 21 days after the operation acute ileus requiring the performance of emergency relaparotomy. Lethality in this complication was 33.9%. A retrospective analysis of 103 case records and observations on 12 patients who(More)
The analysis and processing with the use of a special method of 54 direct observations and 342 case records of the patients with early postoperative intraabdominal complications were carried out. A method for syndrome prediction of the outcomes of relaparotomy has been developed. The syndromes of the most significant predictive value have been revealed:(More)
Official statistics show unfavourable growth tendencies of psychoneurological morbidity in younger generation in Russia, which creates recruitment problems for its Armed Forces. The authors offer a number of measures for preliminary checking-up of the drafted personnel to prevent potential patients from joining the Army.