Anatoly S Prokhorov

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Low-energy excitations of a single water molecule are studied when confined within a nano-size cavity formed by the ionic crystal lattice. Optical spectra are measured of manganese doped beryl single crystal Mn:Be3Al2Si6O18, that contains water molecules individually isolated in 0.51 nm diameter voids within the crystal lattice. Two types of orientation are(More)
: Issues of Ge hut cluster array formation and growth at low temperatures on the Ge/Si(001) wetting layer are discussed on the basis of explorations performed by high resolution STM and in-situ RHEED. Dynamics of the RHEED patterns in the process of Ge hut array formation is investigated at low and high temperatures of Ge deposition. Different dynamics of(More)
Experience with echocardiographic diagnosis of a tricuspid defect, using one- and two-dimensional and Doppler echocardiography, is reviewed. Dopplerography is the most informative method for the detection of tricuspid incompetence that enables auscultatory determination and graphical recording of blood regurgitation from the right ventricle to the right(More)
Water is characterized by large molecular electric dipole moments and strong interactions between molecules; however, hydrogen bonds screen the dipole-dipole coupling and suppress the ferroelectric order. The situation changes drastically when water is confined: in this case ordering of the molecular dipoles has been predicted, but never unambiguously(More)
The diagnostic value of roentgenometrically enlarged second arc of the anterior heart's shadow outline, a roentgenologic sign of right ventricular hypertrophy, is discussed. A study of 30 patients with various acquired and congenital valvular defects showed the enlargment of this arc, which is normally not more than 3.5 cm long and 0.5 cm wide, to be a(More)
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