Anatoly Nazarenko

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There is a constant need to extend and tune specialized vocabularies to account for new words and new word usages. This paper addresses the issue of characterizing the semantic class of such words. We test the hypothesis that the analysis of word distribution in a representative corpus, as obtained by robust NLP tools, can help identify words with similar(More)
Changes in plasma fibronectin (FN) levels in acute toxic conditions have been studied in 24 patients. A significant reduction of FN concentration was found within the first days of the disease; further changes in the FN levels are related to the disease outcome and have a prognostic value. An inverse correlation was found between the FN concentration and(More)
Changes in plasma ceruloplasmin levels were studied by enzyme immunoassay in 81 patients with the acute hepatorenal insufficiency syndrome (AHIS). Changed plasma ceruloplasmin concentration was detected in the first days of the disease, this change depending on AHIS severity and unrelated to the disease cause. A lowering of plasma ceruloplasmin level below(More)
The work shows the incidence, criteria of the diagnosis and indications for surgical treatment of patients with cholesterosis of the gallbladder. An analysis of the results of examination and treatment of 3426 patients with diseases of the gallbladder has shown that the ultrasonic method of diagnostics allows detection of the cholesterosis form and(More)
A diagnostic agent for enzyme immunoassay of ceruloplasmin has been developed. The method is highly sensitive and specific. The minimal detectable amount of ceruloplasmin is 25 ng/ml, variance coefficients with 1 lot being 2.6-7.3 percent and 4.2-10.8 percent within 3 lots. Blood serum ceruloplasmin concentration in health has made up 0.9 to 1.3 mg/ml.(More)
Adhesions commonly result from abdominal and pelvic surgical procedures and may result in intestinal obstruction, infertility, chronic pain, or complicate subsequent operations. Laparoscopy produces less peritoneal trauma than does conventional laparotomy and may result in decreased adhesion formation. We present a review of the available data on(More)
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