Anatoly Lapchuk

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An optical scheme for speckle suppression using two or three partially coherent beams in a projection system is proposed. Diffractive optical elements (DOE) placed in the intermediate image plane create several beams carrying the image to a screen. Transparent plates of different thicknesses are placed in the Fourier plane of the projective lens and used(More)
The theory of speckle noise in a scanning beam is presented. The general formulas for the calculation of speckle contrast, which apply to any scanning display, are obtained. It is shown that the main requirement for successful speckle suppression in a scanning display is a narrow autocorrelation peak and low sidelobe level in the autocorrelation function of(More)
The mode spectrum in an optical nanowaveguide consisting of a dielectric-core layer surrounded by two identical metal layers is investigated. A simple model based on mode matching to predict the properties of mode propagation in such optical nanowaveguides is proposed. It is shown that quasi-TM00 and quasi-TM10 modes supported by an optical microstrip line(More)
A local plasmon resonance on a metal wedge is studied by using the Meixner approach [J. Meixner, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag.AP-20, 442 (1972)]. It is found that the singular field behavior of a local plasmon resonance as a function of the distance from the edge of the wedge is sensitive to the wavelength and wedge angle, and ranges from a dramatic increase(More)
A new type of probe for the near-field optical microscope incorporating metallic strips on the surface of a dielectric cone (microstrip probe) is proposed. The numerical simulation has shown a significant improvement in optical efficiency for this type of probe compared with the conventional probe. It was found theoretically that scanning near-field optics(More)
A method for speckle suppression based on Barker code and M-sequence code diffractive optical elements (DOEs) is analyzed. An analytical formula for the dependence of speckle contrast on the wavelength of the laser illumination is derived. It is shown that speckle contrast has a wide maximum around the optimal wavelength that makes it possible to obtain(More)
The quasi-spiral 2D diffractive optical element (DOE) based on M-sequence of length N=15 is designed and manufactured. The speckle suppression efficiency by the DOE rotation is measured. The speckle suppression coefficients of 10.5, 6, and 4 are obtained for green, violet, and red laser beams, respectively. The results of numerical simulation and(More)
An analytical model of interference between an electromagnetic field of fundamental quasi-TM(EH)<sub>00</sub>-mode and an electromagnetic field of background radiation at the apex of a near-field probe based on an optical plasmon microstrip line (microstrip probe) has been proposed. The condition of the occurrence of electromagnetic energy reverse flux at(More)