Anatoly L. Mayburd

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The small molecular inhibitor MK886 is known to block 5-lipoxygenase-activating protein ALOX5AP and shows antitumor activity in multiple human cell lines. The broad antitumor therapeutic window reported in vivo for MK886 in rodents supports further consideration of this structural class. Better understanding of the mode of action of the drug is important(More)
BACKGROUND Stochastic fluctuations in the protein turnover underlie the random emergence of neural precursor cells from initially homogenous cell population. If stochastic alteration of the levels in signal transduction networks is sufficient to spontaneously alter a phenotype, can it cause a sporadic chronic disease as well -- including cancer? METHODS(More)
High-throughput profiling of human tissues typically yield as results the gene lists comprised of a mix of relevant molecular entities with multiple false positives that obstruct the translation of such results into mechanistic hypotheses. From general probabilistic considerations, gene lists distilled for the mechanistically relevant components can be far(More)
MOTIVATION New efforts to guide and prioritize the selection of cancer drug targets are urgently needed, as is evident by the slow development of novel anti-cancer agents and the narrow therapeutic index of existing drugs. Given these limitations, the current study was conducted to explore the classification features defining the therapeutic success that(More)
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