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We demonstrate the use of optical pulse-shaping technique in conjunction with difference frequency generation in a non-linear optoelectronic crystal for generating synthesized waveforms at terahertz frequencies. Spectral phase modulations, programmed using Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm and prepared in a spatial light Fourier filter, produce tailored terahertz(More)
Nonlinear dynamics of ultrashort optical pulses in the vicinity of the second zero-dispersion point of a small-core photonic crystal fiber is visualized and studied using cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating. New spectral features observed in the experiments match well with recent theoretical predictions of the generation of new frequencies(More)
Photonic crystal fibres (PCFs) offer greatly enhanced design freedom compared to standard optical fibres. For example, they allow precise control of the chromatic dispersion (CD) profile--the frequency dependence of propagation speed--over a broad wavelength range. This permits studies of nonlinear pulse propagation in previously inaccessible parameter(More)
Strong guiding provided by the high-delta microstructured fibers allows for efficient intermodally phase-matched harmonic generation with femtosecond pumping at telecom wavelengths. Visible harmonics are generated in a number of distinct transverse modes of the structure. We present a detailed experimental and theoretical study of the third harmonic(More)
Scattering of a dispersive wave by optical solitons is studied experimentally in photonic crystal fibers in cases when the soliton and the dispersive wave have either identical or orthogonal polarization states. Observations of new resonant frequencies are reported. The experimental results are compared to numerical simulations and predictions from the(More)
The conversion of light fields in photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) capitalizes on the dramatic enhancement of several optical nonlinearities. We present here spectrally smooth, highly broadband supercontinuum radiation in a short piece of high-nonlinearity soft-glass PCF. This supercontinuum spans several optical octaves, with a spectral range extending from(More)
A simple method is described for efficient, asymmetric and coherent continuum generation in the mid-infrared region based on the dynamics of a stabilized soliton in the vicinity of a second dispersion zero of a nonlinear fiber. The mechanism involves nonlinear soliton compression, Raman self-frequency shift and resonant emission of a dispersive (Cherenkov)(More)
We introduce and present general properties of hybrid terahertz waveguides. Weakly confined Zenneck waves on a metal-dielectric interface at terahertz frequencies can be transformed to a strongly confined yet low-loss subwavelength mode through coupling with a photonic mode of a nearby high-index dielectric strip. We analyze confinement, attenuation, and(More)
We describe a cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical-gating system specifically designed for studying nonlinear pulse-propagation dynamics in fibers of arbitrary length at telecommunication wavelengths. The formation of optical solitons and the appearance of temporal phase slips are observed in 100 m of fiber. The wide phase-matching bandwidth and(More)