Anatoly Efimov

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We demonstrate the use of optical pulse-shaping technique in conjunction with difference frequency generation in a non-linear optoelectronic crystal for generating synthesized waveforms at terahertz frequencies. Spectral phase modulations, programmed using Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm and prepared in a spatial light Fourier filter, produce tailored terahertz(More)
Photonic crystal fibres (PCFs) offer greatly enhanced design freedom compared to standard optical fibres. For example, they allow precise control of the chromatic dispersion (CD) profile--the frequency dependence of propagation speed--over a broad wavelength range. This permits studies of nonlinear pulse propagation in previously inaccessible parameter(More)
We have used a commercially available liquid-crystal spatial light modulator within a reflective optics pulse-shaping apparatus to shape ultrashort pulses with temporal resolution approaching 10 fs. Using the spatial light modulator as a phase modulator, we produce a variety of complex ultrafast waveforms, including odd pulses, high repetition rate (.23(More)
We investigate near-field energy transfer between chemically synthesized quantum dots (QDs) and two-dimensional semiconductors. We fabricate devices in which electrostatically gated semiconducting monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is placed atop a homogeneous self-assembled layer of core-shell CdSSe QDs. We demonstrate efficient nonradiative Förster(More)
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