Anatoly Chebotarev

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The clinical and hygienic studies performed at the antimonite ore extraction mines in Yakutia revealed that the workers were exposed to high concentrations of polymetallic dusts, containing chromium dioxide, antimony, arsenic and their compounds. 11% of the workers exhibited dust bronchitis, changes in the blood and immune reactivity indices which were due(More)
The language L is used for specifying finite automata, and is a fragment of a first order language with monadic predicates. Checking specification for satisfiability plays an important role in the development of reactive algorithms. Restricted syntax of this language and interpreting it over the integers make it possible to substantially improve(More)
Up-to-date work conditions of open extraction of gold in Far North are characterized by some occupational hazards, among which noise and vibration are leaders. In severe climate conditions heat state of the workers was considered exceeding the allowable standards. The authors suggest recommendations to normalize working environment of the enterprises under(More)
This work described methodology of Sn, Pb, Cd and Zn impurities determination in high-purity graphite at direct atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with flame furnace (FF) atomizer. It was evidence that quality of AAS measurements are depended from sample amount, its homogeneity, particle size, as well as calibration procedure and operation parameters of(More)