Anatoly Borisovich Shekhter

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An emerging field of plasmamedicine is discussed, where non-equilibriumplasmas are shown to be able to initiate, promote, control, and catalyze various complex behaviors and responses in biological systems. More importantly, it will be shown that plasma can be tuned to achieve the desired medical effect, especially in medical sterilization and treatment of(More)
OBJECTIVE To present results from a clinical series of patients who underwent office-based laser nasal septal cartilage reshaping. DESIGN Nonrandomized prospective clinical trial. SETTING Outpatient university-based otolaryngology clinic. PATIENTS One hundred ten patients aged 11 to 66 years with symptomatic nasal obstruction due to septal deviation.(More)
AIM To assess efficiency of magnerot, magnesium orotate, in patients with idiopathic mitral prolapse (IMP). MATERIAL AND METHODS 84 patients with IMP were randomized to the study group (43 patients) and control group (41 patients). Patients of the study group received magnerot tablets (Germany) containing 500 mg of magnesium orotate (daily dose 3000 mg)(More)
Intermittent daily exposures (60 s) to NO-containing gas flow (NO dose of 500 ppm) generated by air-plasma unit "Plason" improves healing of skin wounds in rats. The gas flow treatment shortened the recovery time of both aseptic and purulent wounds (300 mm2 area) by nearly a third. The treatment allows to achieve a marked improvement in the histological,(More)
The paper demonstrates that in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) as compared with normotensive controls exudative processes at the sites of lesions are much more prominent. Such exudative processes include edema, fibrinous exudation as well as permeability of capillaries and venular walls for leukocytes. These effects prolong the phase of its(More)
The beneficial effect of NO-donors, dinitrosyl-iron complexes with cysteine or glutathione on the healing of skin wound in rats was demonstrated by hystological and hystochemical methods: dinitrosyl-iron complexes accelerated efficiently repair processes in wound tissue after a twofold injection of an aqueous solution of a dinitrosyl-iron complex into wound(More)
Local subthreshold electrostimulation of skin wounds with sinusoidal currents at a frequency of 300 Hz which is optimal for rats (the threshold of muscle contraction is minimal) improves microcirculation, reduces inflammatory processes, stimulates proliferation and differentiation of fibroblasts and epithelium, maturation of the granulation tissue, thereby(More)
The effects of coherent He-Ne laser and non-coherent light-emitting diode radiation on rat skin wound healing and functional activity of wound excudate leukocytes were compared. A comparative pathomorphological analysis showed that the He-Ne laser and light-emitting diode irradiation stimulated the transition of the inflammatory phase of the wound healing(More)
At intraperitoneal injection and local application of opioid peptide dalargin induces fibroblast proliferation (3-fold increase in the mitotic index) and growth of capillaries, accelerates the maturation of granulation tissue and of scar, epitheliazation of the defect, and considerably reduces the period of healing of skin wound in rats. The stimulating(More)