Anatoly B. Shekhter

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Intermittent daily exposures (60 s) to NO-containing gas flow (NO dose of 500 ppm) generated by air-plasma unit "Plason" improves healing of skin wounds in rats. The gas flow treatment shortened the recovery time of both aseptic and purulent wounds (300 mm2 area) by nearly a third. The treatment allows to achieve a marked improvement in the histological,(More)
The effects of non-ablative infrared (IR) laser treatment of collagenous tissue have been commonly interpreted in terms of collagen denaturation spread over the laser-heated tissue area. In this work, the existing model is refined to account for the recently reported laser-treated tissue heterogeneity and complex collagen degradation pattern using(More)
We studied the possibility of restoring the integrity of the Achilles tendon in rabbits using autologous multipotent stromal cells. Collagen or gelatin sponges populated with cells were placed in a resorbable Vicryl mesh tube and this tissue-engineered construct was introduced into a defect of the middle part of the Achilles tendon. In 4 months,(More)
Use of antioxidants to mitigate oxidative stress during ocular inflammatory diseases has shown therapeutic potential. This work examines a nanoscale therapeutic modality for the eye on the base of antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1), termed "nanozyme." The nanozyme is produced by electrostatic coupling of the SOD1 with a cationic block(More)
The aim of the study was to estimate the clinical efficacy of mandibular third molars anesthesia with various combinations of local anesthesia methods. Anatomical, radiological and morphological methods were used in the study. The topographic features of retromolar triangle were thoroughly examined. The neurovascular bundle revealed its relationship with(More)
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