Anatoly A Zharikov

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The solvation of electrons in polar liquids is analyzed on the basis of an extended continuum model. In addition to the long-range electron-dipole interaction two short-range interactions are introduced. Among others one accounts for interactions with groups capable of forming hydrogen bonds and the second for quadrupolar characteristics of the liquid(More)
The kinetics of recombination/dissociation of photogenerated radical pairs (RPs) is described with a generalized model (GM), which combines exponential models (EMs) and contact models (CMs) of cage effect dynamics. The main assumption of EM is the irreversible dissociation of RP as a first-order reaction. CM takes into account repetitive contacts of(More)
We have studied the recombination kinetics of carboxymyoglobin (after photodissociation of the CO ligand) by Mössbauer spectroscopy for temperatures in the range 4.2 – 60 K. The observed kinetics display non-exponential behaviour which was monitored over periods of a few days. It is shown that the time dependence of the kinetics can be reduced to a single(More)
Localization of electrons at dielectric-metal interfaces is studied in the framework of a continuum model. The layer of thickness L, with a negative electron affinity, is characterized by the static dielectric constant epsilons and by the optical dielectric constant epsiloninfinity. It is found that the electron localization along the plane of the interface(More)
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