Anatoliy V. Luzanov

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Electronic structure aspects of singlet fission process are discussed. Correlated adiabatic wave functions of the bright singlet and dark multiexciton states of tetracene and pentacene dimers are analyzed in terms of their character (excitonic, charge-resonance, multiexciton). At short interfragment separation (3.5−4 Å), both multiexcitonic and singly(More)
The utility of the norms of one-particle density matrices, ∥γ∥, for understanding the trends in electronic properties is discussed. Using several model systems that are relevant in the context of singlet fission (butadiene, octatetraene, and ethylene dimer), the dependence of interstate properties (such as transition dipole moments and nonadiabatic(More)
We extend excited-state structural analysis to quantify the charge-resonance and multi-exciton character in wave functions of weakly interacting chromophores such as molecular dimers. The approach employs charge and spin cumulants which describe inter-fragment electronic correlations in molecular complexes. We introduce indexes corresponding to the weights(More)
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