Anatoliy T. Fomenko

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A new empirico-statistical model is suggested to distinguish dependent narrative texts from independent narrative texts by means of their volume functions. A "regard for information" principle and an "amplitude correlation" principle are formulated. The model and both principles are examined experimentally using specific historical texts.
In modern applied mathematics the computer visualization is very often extremely useful for solution concrete mechanical and physical problems. Some methods of topological modeling for visualization can be found, for example, in the recent book of T.L.Kunii and A.T.Fomenko [1]. Many problems of modern geometry and topology, mathematical physics and(More)
1. The author's results concerning the multidimensional Plateau problem are stated in the first part of this report; the second part is devoted to the common work of I. A. Volodin, V. E. Kuznetzov, A. T. Fomenko on the problem of sphere recognition. A soap-film XQ which spans a fixed contour A in the three-dimensional Euclidean space R is a local minimal(More)
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