Anatoliy N. Sokolov

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The development of an electronic skin is critical to the realization of artificial intelligence that comes into direct contact with humans, and to biomedical applications such as prosthetic skin. To mimic the tactile sensing properties of natural skin, large arrays of pixel pressure sensors on a flexible and stretchable substrate are required. We(More)
For organic semiconductors to find ubiquitous electronics applications, the development of new materials with high mobility and air stability is critical. Despite the versatility of carbon, exploratory chemical synthesis in the vast chemical space can be hindered by synthetic and characterization difficulties. Here we show that in silico screening of novel(More)
A bicyclobutyl that bears six carboxylic acid groups results from a trimerisation of a diene diacid in the solid state. Powder X-ray diffraction and a co-crystallisation are used to solve the structure of the diene and elucidate the stereochemistry of the bicyclobutyl, respectively.
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