Anatoliy Andreev

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Artifacts management is a critical problem in any applications involving on-line processing of EEG signals. This paper presents a multivariate automatic and adaptive method for identifying artifacts in continuous EEG data. 1. Introduction In this work we consider as artifacts any kind of EEG signal different enough as compared to the normal baseline signal.(More)
The amplifiers of class D with pulse with modulation (PWM) which work in the mode of tracing are are analyzed. The transfer functions of closed, combined, two-connected and iterated systems are obtained. Application amplifiers with combined, two-connected, iterated control allow the astatism order of an.
An open study of efficiency and safety of atarax (hydroxisine) enrolled 55 outpatients (23 males and 32 females, mean age 45.91 +/- 1.91) with generalized anxious and somatoform disorders running as cardioneurosis as well as nosogenic reactions (maladaptation), manifestations of cardiovascular pathology (acute myocardial infarction, angina of effort(More)
There were studied 2 groups of the patients with a diagnosis of agoraphobia (according to ICD = 10). The first group included 34 patients which didn't use a specialized psychiatric service; the second one included 25 patients which needed an active therapy under conditions of psychiatric hospital. Dynamics of a disease was investigated by the method of(More)
The study included 60 patients aged 18-65 years with anxious-phobic disorder (APD)--agoraphobia with and without panic disorders. Diagnosis of the disease was performed according to ICD-10. It was established that dynamics and outcome of APD with stable agoraphobia depend on some comorbid psychic disorders (neurotic, nonpsychotic affective, personality(More)
Massive blood shed (1700 ml) from the punction wound in the left ventricle was observed in a patient on 65,000 U heparin. Comatose condition was accompanied by a pronounced lactacidemia of liquor (10 mmol/l) developed due to adrenaline administration with an extremely high glucose level (33 mmol/l--in blood; 11 mmol/l--in liquor). High efficacy of(More)