Anatoliy Andreev

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Artifacts management is a critical problem in any applications involving on-line processing of EEG signals. This paper presents a multivariate automatic and adaptive method for identifying artifacts in continuous EEG data. 1. Introduction In this work we consider as artifacts any kind of EEG signal different enough as compared to the normal baseline signal.(More)
During screening of a gene library of Streptococcus pyogenes type M15 for fibrinogen-binding material, a protein of approximately 100 kDa, encoded outside the vir region, was found. DNA sequencing revealed this component to be identical to protein F, a fibronectin-binding protein. Isolation of the recombinant protein, termed F15, was performed by the use of(More)
The amplifiers of class D with pulse with modulation (PWM) which work in the mode of tracing are are analyzed. The transfer functions of closed, combined, two-connected and iterated systems are obtained. Application amplifiers with combined, two-connected, iterated control allow the astatism order of an.
The role of membrane-bound Ca2+ in the regulation of Ca2+ transport through voltage-gated Ca2+ channel, and NMDA-glutamate and n-acetylcholine receptors upon interaction of a neuron with glia during rhythmic excitation was studied. It was found that the redistribution and transport of Ca2+ play a crucial role in the conductance of rhythmic excitation in(More)
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