Anatolij Kachurin

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Bioprinting is an evolving tissue engineering technology. It utilizes computer controlled three-dimensional printers for rapid and high-precision construction of three-dimensional biological structures. We employed discrete and continuous bioprinting to build three-dimensional tissue constructs. In the former case bioink particles - spherical cell(More)
At early times (15 min to 6 h) after whole-body gamma-neutron irradiation of mature rats with a dose of 10 Gy reactive changes occur in neurons of the sensimotor cerebral cortex which can be interpreted as a manifestation of the enhancement of functional and metabolic activity of nerve cells followed by inhibition thereof.
In view of the relatively few recent investigations in this field [2, 3, 5-7] it is impossible to present a complete picture of the early ultrastructural changes in nerve cells and the microcirulatory bed of the brain after exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation and, particularly, of neutrons. In particular, the role of injury to the microcirculatory(More)
A 24-hour electron microscopic examination of neuronal and capillary ultrastructure in sensorimotor complex was performed after whole-body neutron irradiation of mature rats in the dose of 10 Gy. The results suggest that postradiation neuronal changes, observed for 6 hours after irradiation, are mainly caused by direct effect of ionizing radiation. At later(More)
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